Montana-based photographer Ryan Turner was drawn to the West from an early age. He loves to feel connected to nature and that connection allows him to create his art while adventuring in the mountains of Montana and beyond. Ryan has always been fascinated by photography or the thought of using light to create art or capture a moment in time. When photographing, Ryan tries to find ways that light will ignite the situation while finding a composition to keep the viewer engaged. There is nothing better for him than capturing unique combinations of wildlife or people in the natural world in which they exist.

His art is always progressing with the ways he finds to present his work whether it is on fine art paper, canvas, or metal. Ryan's fine art print collection is showcased in beautiful establishments like the Wilson Hotel, the Big Sky Medical Center, and the Yellowstone Conference Center. His clients around the world collect his beautiful pieces to decorate their homes.

Ryan's collections of images include wildlife, trees, abstract nature, ski life and dramatic landscapes. He loves to create beautiful custom large-format pieces from his works, especially loving the dramatic aspect of black and white. Ryan's fine art print collection is sold out of his gallery in Big Sky, Montana and online.

Ryan photographs primarily with Nikon camera bodies and lenses, is a Nikon NPS member and is a member of ASMP.  ASMP article on Ryan



View Ryan's Stock Photography and Media Portfolio here.