We Frame Your Art!  Listed below are the styles of frames that we offer on our website.  If you want something very unique or special, Contact Us for additional custom framing options.  You can also choose to purchase our prints frameless if you would like your art framed by your local framer.

 Wood Art Box Frame - Frame is 3/16 inch (4 mm) wide, giving it a delicate and understated look from the front.  From the side, however, the view is of its surprising 1.37 inch (35 mm) depth.  The precisely crafted, solid wood frame’s 3D appearance is why it’s called an Art Box.  Arrives ready to hang with a milled groove on the back that is both elegant and practical.

Metal Art Box Frame - The Metal Art Box frame is made of glazed aluminum and turns your print into artwork befitting a gallery.  Unlike the wood version, the Metal Art Box has a 1/8 inch (3mm) gap between the frame and image.  This modern black frame also comes with a pre-mounted hanging system.  

Canvas with Wood Floater Frame - Make your canvas art pop by adding a floater frame around it.  Frame width is approximately 0.65 inch (16mm) with a roughly 0.25 inch (7mm) gap between picture and frame.  Frame depth will match the thickness of the canvas wrap. (Usually 2 inches)
Wood Floater Frame - This is our standard modern style frame for Metal and Acrylic prints because it strikes the best balance between size and elegance.  Thanks to a small gap between the frame and the edges of the image, the picture appears to float inside this frame.  Frame is 0.59 inch (15mm) wide with a standard gap between picture and frame of 0.27 inch (7 mm).  Depth is 1.13 inches (29 mm.)
Wide Wood Floater Frame - Our wide frame gives our prints a more solid, bold look; while still maintaining the elegant, modern look of our standard floater frame.   The frame is 1.22 inch (31mm) wide with a standard gap between picture and frame: 0.27 inch (7 mm).  Depth is 1.13 inches (29 mm.)
Deep Floater Plus Frame - Our premier online frame, 0.87 inch (22mm) wide with a gap between picture and frame of 0.78 inch (20 mm).  The 2.37 inch (60mm) deep floating frame gives an eye catching visual experience that will make your art stand out.


We have additional custom frame options available not listed on our website.  A few popular examples are listed below.  Please Contact Us if you would like one of these or something very unique or special.

Modern Rustic Frame - 2.75" (70mm) wide with a depth of 1.25" (32mm)

Classic European Frame - 2.5" (63mm) wide with a depth of 1.75" (44mm)

 Barnwood Frame - Available stained or in raw grey finish.  Roughly 2.25" (57mm) wide with approximate depth of .5"(13mm).  Size, finish and style vary slightly as each frame is one of a kind.

Example of Stained Barnwood Frame:

Production Time:

Please allow 4 - 8 weeks for production of an ordered print with or without a frame.


Do our prints come ready to hang?

Depending on the product and its size, there are various wall-mount options included in your framed piece.

Some wall-mounts are directly integrated into the frame in the corners.  Other wall-mounts may be an aluminum rail.  Hanging wires may be installed on some pieces as well. 

Metal and wood art box frames can be hung from the frame itself by 2 screws.

Fine Art Paper prints do not come framed or ready to hang.


Hanging your art:

Every hanging situation is different depending on the art size, weight, and wall material it will be hung on.  It’s important to use appropriate strength hangers and make sure your nails, screws or hooks are secure in studs and/or appropriate anchor systems for your wall material.  Wall dog screws can be used in some instances where wall studs cannot be accessed.

If you are comfortable hanging your own art, it can generally be done with two screws or picture hanging hooks.  For smaller prints, two nails may suffice.  You should always use two nails, screws, or hooks so that your print will not slide to the side or hang crooked.  

Another option is using hanging cleats for your art.  Hanging cleats compose of two horizontal metal or wood plates.  One plate is attached to the wall, while the other is attached to the print you want to hang.  The hanging rail already attached to some of our prints can be used with the hanging cleat you attach to your wall.  

Large and/or heavy prints will require stronger anchors; therefore you should have these hung by a professional if you have any doubts about your ability to install or the strength of your wall material.  If you are located in the Bozeman or Big Sky area, we recommend https://www.klassonservices.com/installation for professional hanging services.

When you purchase our prints nails, screws, hooks, hanging cleats or any wall anchors are not included with your purchase.





*Note - For some of the art in stock now print styles and frames may vary from our standard selections as we experiment with new options from time to time with our prints.

We do our best to be as close to accurate as possible on our sizes, scales and measurements but there can be slightly less or more at times.  We round to the nearest inch.  

Print sales do not include free delivery or installation.  

If you have any questions or concerns about an order or would like more information on a product please contact us at anytime.  We will reply ASAP.

Thanks from all of us at Ryan Turner Photography!